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This show is good. It is a comedy. It is very dirty. Adults only. But the Charlie Runkle character is very annoying. And on top of that, his character is unrealistic.

He is an adult. He is a usually successful talent agent. He is obsessed with pornography. His biggest client is a writer who writes about sex.

But Charlie Runkle is unrealistically naive when it comes to sex. He always acts like he knows nothing about it. No way someone with his resume would be so naive.

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Re: Californication

Here is a criticism of one season plot. Charlie Runkle and his wife are divorced. She has remarried. Charlie and his ex-wife have a son. The new husband and Charlie's wife hired a nanny to help with the son. So far no problem. 

Charlie and the nanny start sleeping together. One episode Charlie goes over to the new husband's home to see his son who has already been put down for a nap. So Charlie and the nanny have sex. While they are copulating, the ex-wife and the new husband come home and begin to have sex. They begin to role play. The role play includes being disrespectful to Charlie. Still no problem yet. 

But then Charlie overhears the disrespect and immediately jumps up naked (for Charlie and the nanny were hiding hoping not to be found out) and throws a trophy at a picture complaining of the disrespect. Not only is it stupid of Charlie to reveal himself and the nanny naked, but then the ex-wife threatens to fire the nanny again for sleeping with Charlie.

What? Are those who employ nannies allowed to demand the adult women don't have sex? What control would an ex-wife have over her ex-husband's sex life? Why would someone who by all accounts supposed to be sophisticated, be horrified to the point of violent uncontrollable reaction when two people are role playing?

This is a recurring problem with Californication. The Charlie Runkle character is unrealistically naive and stupid. Seemingly for plot advancement, conflict and humor interjection. Otherwise this show is a good comedy --- for adults only.

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Re: Californication

Not only is Charlie Runkle annoying, but he does stupid things, says stupid things, and he screams and cries like a little bitch. Most of the time I just want to kick his ass.

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