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7/26/2017 1:58 pm  #1

Get Out

Very good.

A timely swipe at white liberals. 

Go take that blusher off you mis-shapen headed elephant tranny.

10/18/2017 7:32 am  #2

Re: Get Out

Stupid premise. Why would a girl spend a significant part of her life with one potential slave, pretending to love him and et cetera (*wink wink*) to just bide her time and wait FIVE MONTHS to finally take him to meet her evil parents, not knowing for sure the plan to reprogram him would take effect?

And wouldn’t it have been prudent for the evil family to temporarily keep the African-American servant and gardener away from the homestead during the visit lest they do some strange shit and spark the suspicions of the protagonist as to what was going on, jeopardising the whole operation? Which is what fucking happened.


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