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10/04/2017 8:16 am  #61

Re: Who has recently been banned from V2?

JC wrote:

bernardo wrote:

Atomichotwings wrote:

How do you even find out hiw long it is? My page just says "you have been banned from this forum"

No warning, no explanation, I can't even get on the site to send a mod/Admin a question.

That most likely means you were banned for hurting the Admin's feelings.

Oh, get over yourself already. You begged for your ban. You even went so far as to taunt me when the begging failed. And when that failed, you tried the old "heads I win, tails you lose" schtik. And now you're being a hypocrite, given your reaction to comments about your wife's inadequate rim jobs...

Lol. Still upset I see.

Didn't realize I made such an impression.



Hey weenies!

10/04/2017 6:31 pm  #62

Re: Who has recently been banned from V2?

I guess you did indeed 


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