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5/07/2017 10:30 pm  #1

Toilet adulting 101

I couldn't open the toilet bowl cleaner.
step one: scream the fword loudddddd, almost have a hernia . (uncomfortable anger)
step two: ask someone for help
step three: agree that its the bottle's fault.
step four: give up and lay on the couch.
step five: decide to look up; how to open bottles online.
step six: light bulb moment
step seven: give it a try again..
step eight: opened bottle *ray of light shining down from the heavens*

(for the record it looks like a lot of people had the same problem opening it online)
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5/15/2017 10:16 pm  #2

Re: Toilet adulting 101

With that mucho butt of yours a toilet cleaner is very important.


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