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10/07/2017 11:27 pm  #1

Anybody have trouble with screen burn?

I have been reading about screen burn on the Internet ever since my sister bought me a new wide screen TV.

I have been reading that new LCD TVs can suffer screen burn. Many TV stations, old movies and TV shows are in the 4.3 format. I avoid such problems with two courses of action.

1 - Commercials - I confess I am a remote control station flipper. Whenever commercials come on, I am off and running. If I am watching something in 4.3 mode, when a commercial comes on, I will start flipping stations. If there is something else good on in full screen mode, I will watch that, flipping back and forth until my original program comes back on. I think that helps protect my screen from burn in.

And often stations that show movies and TV shows in 4.3 mode, will show commercials in full screen mode. I think that helps protect my screen also.

2 - Picture Size - If I watch more than two hours of 4.3 mode broadcasting, I just adjust the picture size to full screen or zoom. 4.3 in full size sometimes gives distorted images. But zoom doesn't. You do lose a little picture on the top and bottom. But hey, it is only TV. Otherwise, I will just watch it in full screen mode for thirty minutes and I think that should be enough to protect the screen.

What do you think?

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